Teeth Whitening in Boxborough, Boston, MA

Today we all want bright white healthy teeth. Stained or yellow teeth, caused by either genetics or through your lifestyle, are unattractive. A bright, attractive, white smile can help boost self-confidence and will give you a younger, healthier appearance.

At Today’s Dental of Boxborough, we create custom-designed teeth whitening trays that perfectly fit your teeth. Come to our office and relax for an hour using these whitening trays and get a jump-start on the whitening process. Then, we will send you home with trays and whitening solution to continue the whitening process in the comfort of your own home. This way, your entire tooth will be whitened, not just the front like with over-the-counter products.

Custom designed whitening trays from Today’s Dental are safer for your mouth, teeth and gums as well, helping to keep the strong bleaching agent on your teeth only, and off of the soft tissue in your mouth.

Before starting any teeth whitening routine, it is always important to first consult with a dentist. Teeth whitening is not right for everyone and can cause discoloration on some fillings and restorations.

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