Pediatric Dentistry Under General Anesthesia – Boston

Some children can become anxious when they need to see the dentist. As a result, it may be more difficult for them to relax or sit still long enough to receive dental treatment. At Today’s Dental of Boxborough, we will recommend general anesthesia to perform dental treatments only if it is needed. This allows your child to sleep during their dental procedure.

To keep your child safe and comfortable during a dental procedure, Today’s Dental of Boxborough may choose to use general anesthesia. General anesthesia is used for:

  • Very young patients in order to help keep them still
  • For children who cannot relax or calm down enough for their treatment, even with conscious sedation and other behavior management techniques When oral surgery or other dental treatment is needed
  • For extensive or complicated dental procedures that can best be done in one long appointment
  • When several dental procedures are needed at the same time
  • For children with special needs.

General anesthesia puts a child into a deep sleep so they will feel no pain during the procedure, nor will they have any memory of it.

Our pediatric dentistry procedures that require general anesthesia are performed at Franciscan Hospital for Children along with a pediatric anesthesiologist who specializes in anesthesia specifically for children. The anesthesiologist will give your child the medication to help them sleep comfortable during the procedure.

Dr. Anna Kalmanovich is on-staff at Franciscan Hospital for Children and works there several times per month specifically for pediatric dental cases.

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